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Setup System Kits

DE Racing Setup System Kits

DE Racing, the leaders in R/C innovation, are proud to bring you our Setup System in a new easier to get started kit form. Available for most popular 1/8 and 1/10 platforms, the DE Racing setup System is the first of its kind to offer the unique “roll to set” feature. Simply drop the car from about 6 inches onto a smooth flat surface, roll the car a few inches forward, and check the results. This process uses the geometry of the car against the rolling rubber tire to lock the wheels into a proper position for checking camber and toe. Sounds simple, but without this process, measuring wheel alignment can only be close at best on a car in perfect condition. Add wear and it only gets worse. This high quality DE Racing product is available now from your local hobby shop or online at  Get yours today!!!!


  • Convenient all in one kit with reduced price
  • Smooth flat face to accurately set camber and toe
  • Wheel diameters match those of tires for setting ride height
  • Unique "roll to set" feature
  • Small size and rugged build for convenient pit bag transport
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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