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Hub Nutz

The scale realism of DE Racing SC wheels is enhanced even further when combined with our revolutionary new Hub Nutz. Modeled after the floater hubs found on full scale short course and trophy trucks, they offer a finished look not previously found in RC.

Made by over molding a steel nut with nylon, Hub Nuts mix the strength of steel with the holding power of nylon to create a fastener that a standard lock nut can't match. They are sold in sets for several different models and include 4 nuts and an adapter tool.


  • Realistic scale appearance
  • Over molded steel nuts
  • Increased locking surfaces
  • Sold in sets with adapter tool included
  • Made in the U.S.A.

These Hub Nutz are available for DE Racing Trinidad Wheels, JConcepts Rulux Wheels and Pro-Line Split Six Wheels.

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